DiegoDev Blog now powered by Jigsaw

DiegoDev Blog now powered by Jigsaw

Eric Van Johnson • September 14, 2020

business development php


I've wanted to migrate our blog to a static generated solution for a long time. For a few reasons but mainly for security. I didn't want to manage another CMS system for something that doesn't get a ton of traffic and is not business-critical.

There are many solutions out there that allow you to generate static pages such as Next.js, Hugo, Nuxt, Gatsby, Gridsome, to name a few. Being a PHP focused shop, I wanted to narrow down my search to generators built using PHP. That brought me to a few Open Source solutions, Sculpin, Couscous, Spress, and my eventual pick of Jigsaw.

Jigsaw brought to the table a few things I was looking for in this solution. As I mentioned, we are a PHP focused shop, and diving deeper, we have a lot of experience with the PHP framework Laravel. Jigsaw is heavily influenced by Laravel, including adopting the same Blade syntax as the framework. Jigsaw also allows us to write our post using Markdown. Finally, Jigsaw leverages TailwindCSS, a low-level, utility-first CSS framework.

Familiar toolchain, drop dead simple formatting, a currently maintained project made Jigsaw our obvious choice.